Fetish Rubber discounts on Black Friday 2018!!

There are only a few hours to start the super discounts at elenadarkberry.com with discounts of up to 50% on your favorite latex fetish illustrations and designs. Now enter your agenda and enter the web and choose your favorite items, because there are limited units and with these prices will fly.

If you go on the web, you will see a new category: BLACK FRIDAY, right now you can see the items that will have a discount, you can take a look and choose the ones you like, add them to your cart, sign up on the web .. so on Friday you will go much faster in your purchases.

Within this category you will find three options according to the amount of discount that the articles have, you can see all in the main category «Black Friday», but you will have to wait to see the discount applied to Friday, and choose the category according to the discount: 15 %, 30% and 50%. What will you find in each one?

15% discount: Comics, Illustrations and Badges.

During this weekend you will have the Dungeon and Bizarre Rubber Tales comics (chapter 1), discount to download your latex fetish porn comic with discount.

In addition you can have at home one of the post-apocalyptic fetishistic illustrations of printed rubber to decorate your home (or to keep in your private place).

And finally you can wear one of these badges on your jacket, purse, backpack … when you are «sport» in a fetish party or in your day to day.

30% discount: Illustrations to download and masks.

Do you want to keep fetish latex digital artwork on your computer? Or you want to download them in high resolution to print them in the format you prefer … this weekend will be much cheaper.

They also have discount these two models of mask made with rubber with details of natural latex, in the shape of cat or bunny, for your best games of always petplay fetish latex.

50% discount: Original illustrations and more.

Original illustrations to frame, in watercolor and ink, Heavy Rubber drawings by Elena Dark Berry. And also … a final issue of the 2018 calendar with uncensored latex fetish illustrations and more …

Click on the images to choose your offer now!

New site for Patrons only!!

Hello again, dear sponsor.

Did you know that, when Patreon blocked my account, I decided to create my own site for sponsors? If you have already been a patron, you may have received an email with the information to enter the new website and password to enjoy the month of November for free … if not, do you want to know what you can find in this private site? Keep reading…

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Follow Bizarre Rubber Tales, chapter 2.

You already know the first part of this latex fetish comic, without censorship, in which a girl could be your neighbor? Receives for the first time a catsuit from Fantastic Rubber, nothing less! and after putting it on he decides to relax and play with his breathplay accessories and other toys. Didn’t you know it? Download now BRT chapter 1.

In this second part we see the introduction to the latex of an attractive blonde whose husband is very fetishist of latex, he loves very twisted games with many layers of latex and accessories of breathplay, vibrators, water … and what else? You will have to discover it by accessing the Sponsor Portfolio.

Uncensored Fetishist Illustrations.

Welcome to Rubberland, enjoy the Fair where all the attractions will make you enjoy it intensely, travel to a post-apocalyptic future where you need a rubber suit and a gas mask to survive, or simply, any day, you can clean your house gummed … or have someone do it for you. Each illustration is a journey for the imagination.

Sketches, designs, concepts… Participate!

You can see exclusive designs for the Portfolio, sketches and concept art for comics, ideas for illustrations, comics, books, designs, articles … you can also participate in decision making. What illustration do you prefer for next month? What argument to choose for Bizarre Rubber Tales, chapter 3? Choose your answer in the surveys, or comment the articles, I appreciate them all !!

Elena Dark Berry in Youtube

Find out about news, choose the next topic of the videos: a tutorial, show what tools I use, or what masks I have …, and be the first to see the new videos of the channel on Youtube.

Discounts of the store

Just for being a sponsor you will have a 10% discount on the entire website, and you will have a 50% discount on all downloads: comics, illustrations … and in addition, additional discounts on pre-purchases and more …

How do I join the Private Portfolio for sponsors?

1. Buy the golden ticket at elenadarkberry.com
2. Join elenadarkberry.com/portfolio
3. Use the code of the golden ticket you downloaded.
4. Enter and enjoy!!

Rubberland Carnival: The kissing booth.

Welcome once again to Rubberland !! The country in which it is mandatory to wear a latex garment, where all rubber fetishists can give free rein to their craziest fantasies. This season Carnival is celebrated, and on this trip I invite you to participate in the kissing stand.

rubberland kissing booth nsfw bdsm fetish rubber latex illustration

If you approach the post you will see a long line of men and women to receive but to give a kiss to the rubber slave who is well attached to the post. For only a dollar you can give our little submissive a kiss as long as you want, in the place you prefer … but only one, even if you get to run you’ll get a free kiss !! How many kisses can you give her for only one dollar? Check the record at the box office.

If you’re in the queue you see the fetishists who are in front of you in the queue: there is a gang of girls dressed in sexy short dresses in bright colors latex, but also dominatrix dressed from top to bottom with black latex holding their submissive with straps, bright puppies and kittens that are already licking.

After enjoying a long, wet and tasty kiss, you can get a sign announcing the post in old and modern version in Patreon: click here to download, in it you can see what is low in the image … where do you prefer to kiss?

Wellcome to Rubberland

Do you imagine a whole country in which you have to wear latex by law? A theme park where you can live your daily life in latex at a perpetual fetishist party, or have the best vacation of your life fulfilling your most adventurous fantasies, this is Rubberland.

Come to visit!!

In Rubberland you will find, besides specialized shops, clubs with a lot of events all year round, restaurants, spas and sports activities of all kinds: from diving to skiing.

Come to live in Rubberland!!

In Rubberland you will always be welcome, you can work for us in a public service: police, firemen, health, … or any of our factories, shops, bars, casinos … you will be very happy
Enjoy the year-round sensation of latex on your skin while you shop, go to the movies, or walk your pet.

Rubberland is a small country in which all latex fetishists are more than welcome, their laws may seem peculiar but they are thought for the maximum enjoyment for all its inhabitants and visitors. Admission to the country is prohibited to minors under 18 so you can have sex with whom and where you want, there is even a special police force that will join the party, instead of stopping.

The only problem of Rubberland is that it does not exist in reality, it is being built in my head little by little, and filling with inhabitants and visitors, with their stories. I hope some of them will see the light one day, for now you can see in Patreon some illustrations based on Rubberland.

Porn sketch fetish bdsm rubber latex illustration

How to introduce your girlfriend to latex

How to turn your girl into a rubber fetishist? We all want our partner to share our hobbies, and more when it is something as cool and sexual as latex, but I have met many men who find it difficult to find a girl that like or have had problems at share it with their partners.

This week I’ve been doing some research on what are the most common reasons why girls refuse to try latex, because as a girl I also had some prejudices and complexes before trying the latex but once overcome I enjoy both latex and company of my rubberized husband so is normal that I want to convert to all this vice. In FETLIFE you can read some opinions that have helped me with this post.

I want to make it clear that my intention is not to force, nor you force, anyone to use latex and the result will also be the opposite of expected, but give arguments and methods to take the step and enjoy the process and share it with the couple, friends or fellow fetishists.

The feeling that the latex causes is very extreme, and can overcome someone who is not accustomed. Try small items: gloves, panties (which are also used in privacy), mini skirt … before throwing it into a catsuit.

The most common prejudice I have come across is not about latex, but about ourselves. We imagine that we will look fatter when it is the opposite, the latex tightens and can mold the body better than any other material!! Personally when I tried my first catsuit I had a big surprise.
f442fa4b. ATSUKO KUDO (Lady Gaga latex designer) [/ caption] ATSUKO KUDO (Lady Gaga latex designer) [/ caption]

If it is not appropriate, by its color or pattern or size causes the body to deform in the worst way. At this point it is best to ask the girl first (we usually know what it feels like, but it is not always the case) and second to the customer service of the latex stores, which are usually very nice and advise very well . In addition, we can make the garment to measure.

Maybe your girl doesn’t like latex if does not like the same clothes as you. She should start with clothes that she likes, although you are very excited to her to wear a corset and stockings, if the first garment she wear does not excite her, you will have a bad experience.

In addition, latex has been closely related to BDSM, porn movies, … may feel unsightly or ridiculous, so choose more fashion and you can show her pictures of the number of artists who use latex: Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry …

Neither things. Explain exactly what you would like to do with it (if you think it is too weird you can give information little by little and see how it reacts), ask what idea you have and what it would like to do. In overview: communication, communication, communication.

Next here you have some pictures (click to go to the web) of some models of the stores I’ve seen more fashion.
ATSUKO KUDO (Lady Gaga latex designer)[/caption]




I hope you have been helpful, you can comment on your experiences.

Bizarre Rubber Tales, first chapter

The first full chapter of Bizarre Rubber Tales is now available online or in Patreon! A short but intense latex fetish porn story for your enjoyment, full color.

Bizarre Rubber Tales comic cover

Join our girl, who just got her first latex catsuit and is so excited that she can not wait to wear it. You will see bullet to bullet how to undress, lubricate, put on the latex suit and all the necessary accessories for a great session of rubber and breathplay.

Bizarre Rubber Tales downlad complete comic color

Enjoy with her toys to the ecstasy in her fetishistic enjoyment of latex and gas mask.Bizarre Rubber Tales, latex fetish gas mask porn comic

Do you want your copy of the first chapter of the comic Bizarre Rubber Tales? You can download it now from elenadarkberry.com, is available in Spanish and English.

Or, if you want to follow the story, you can be my sponsor in PATREON and get in addition to the first full chapter, first fruits on the second chapter, very sexy illustrations with a lot of latex from 1 $ (black and white).

A joint project of Gomacv (drawing) and Elena DarkBerry (script, ink and color).

Pinup Heavy Rubber Mayo

The heavy rubber illustration of May is now available for download at Patreon. If you are a sponsor of the «Lords and Ladies» group or higher, you will have received your password, and if you are not yet, you are on time to receive this complete and uncensored illustration.

Thanks to my dear sponsors, every month I publish an erotic or pornographic illustration of latex fetish, sometimes heavier, sometimes more sensual, or more bizarre, or more geeky, but always with large amounts of gum.
This month, our girl has totally isolated herself with her catsuit, wading boots and gas mask to thoroughly clean the bathroom while you enjoy … I think you’d better watch it for yourselves.Heavy Rubber fetishist illustration of latex, Sexual content.
The heavy rubber girl of May porn illustration

In addition, if you join the most fetishist latex patron club you will receive a page of the Bizarre Rubber Tales comic every month, you will see the previous pages in black and white, you will get a discount on the web elenadarkberry.com and you will know about the news , Exclusive promotions, you can participate in surveys …


New Patreon Rewards

Good news for latex fetishists , and comic book lovers, as porn, as ever.
I needed to refresh my Patreon page as well as my sponsors will have access to more content, as well as more participation in decisions about The topics of illustrations, choice of rewards …

So after a survey of my current and potential sponsors the result has been the following, here you have the list of rewards according to the package of support chosen.

PACK 1$ Sirs and Madams!
Download patreon heavy rubber fetish comic illustration latex porn

  • Enjoy all published pages of Heavy Rubber Tales in black and white.
  • You can participate in polls and share your oppinion of every change in Patreon de EDB.
  • Also you will have a 10% discount in my store: elenadarkberry.com
  • Seguir leyendo New Patreon Rewards

    You haven’t seen yet Dungeon, my first fetish porn comic?

    Hey! But do you not know that already about a month ago I published my first comic? Has latex, has masks, has domination, and has sex do you have not yet convinced?

    Dungeon covern porn comic bdsm fetish latex rubber

    I’ll tell you a bit about the history: Mercury is a messenger of light (the good, of course) in a post-apocalyptic world where the air is polluted. It has been captured by The Shadows, because they know it takes a chip with security information that evil were waiting to destroy their main base.

    Mercury travels with a latex suit, on which carries a light armor, since the outside air is terribly toxic, and even if you do not breathe, you colaría through their pores killing her in minutes.

    Página del cómic Mazmorra, porno de látex y máscaras de gas

    When he reaches the dungeon, only they have to look for the chip that takes over because why questioning, if only carrier of information? So his captors entertained looking at what part of your body is.

    Página del cómic Mazmorra, porno de látex y máscaras de gas

    You can download this comic in my online store in english, but is also available the spanish version.

    Ganador de MrLatex2016

    ‘We have a winner of the contest fetishist MrLatex 2016 !! Many thanks to all participants, all photos were spectacular.

    Here you can see your photo in the ad that I used in Instagram and love is bizarre, it is bdsm and especially is «heavy rubber».


    In a few days, you can see the resulting illustration done from this photograph so cool all covered with rubber straps in about a week.