Mi primera figura de Berry: shibari.

Last year I tried to make some figures to make copies, but the material was not the best, so I made one with FIMO (polymer clay) and then I painted by hand.

I had some problems with the material because it was very soft and now makes much heat so is easily deformed, but I’ll go running tests.

I think that I have not been too bad. You like it?

figura chibi bondage shibari

I have chosen the theme of bondage because the keyring design was for me very cute, and had somewhere to start. The next will be dressed in latex, submissive girl (and submissive boy), dominatrix …

New toy for the gasmask.

I do not usually buy on eBay, because I have become accustomed to certain kinky brands that have worked well for me and are high quality and trustivity, but I saw the pileup and I thought it has good prize.

The shipment was pretty quick and the attention from the eBay seller has been very good.

As you can see in the photo and in the picture, consists of a bottle in which gets water and you can put in some essence (I bought the eucalyptus, but there are plenty of choices), an air reservoir (the black thing with bellows that seems to rise and fall but does nothing), two tubes and a bag (which I thought would swell and let down but may not know how to use) you can connect all your gas mask or a T to connect two.


Berry latex fetish gasmask inhaler breathplay cartoon illustration

The feeling is very relaxing, especially because with each inhalation strong bubbling water is heard, but limited a little breathing (but leaves you breathing) if you do not get nervous is a highly recommended experience. Highly recommended for those of you who like the «breathplay».

Berry buys her latex at Simon O

It is not the first time I bought clothes in Simon O, in fact I have a made to measure catsuit too cool, but this time I ordered an item that was not on the web and was very happy as well as for the help in choosing the pledge, ease of payment, shipping (if it takes much, but on the web notified on time and it is normal that it takes on a pledge made to order) and in the final garments.

I saw on their website one shorts that could be with zipper, but I wanted it with condoms (as he had seen panties on the same site), so I asked and they said they could make it.

As you see in the picture I was happy with the shorts (which already are super cool either without the condom) but under the catsuit are perfect because with proper gloves and mask looks like you’re made of rubber.

Berry at Simon O

A new comic, let me introduce you the main character.

This is the story.

After a biochemical disaster worldwide, survivors are divided into two societies: the people of the Light that sought the protection of the existing government, and they are protected by the Soldiers of Light, and the people of Shadows, who live in a kind of anarchy ruled by mafia groups.

Outside, the air is still polluted, so the people of Light and Shadow, are isolated only communicated by radio waves and old satellites that still work. The flora and fauna that has survived, has «changed». It is dangerous to go outside.

Therefore, only when to send information that can not be transmitted (because it could intercepted by Shadow), is carried by the Messengers of Light.

This is one of them:

Catsuit helmet futuristic girl sexy latex design