April’s Rubber Pin-Up

Until May 7, you can see (just $ 1) this illustration heavy rubber, with some BDSM (bondage with ropes) in a somewhat post-apocalyptic scenario.

In the middle of spring, as the saying goes, it’s raining so it has not rained all winter. Not seen in the sketch, but the main theme of illustration is the rain, missing water droplets and transparent raincoat that I added later (in the first plane is the hood).


After deciding on the issue of the rain I imagined a scenario in which falling fallout in the sketch is guessed in the distance a destroyed nuclear plant and our girl is tied to the fence that separates the forest (I was looking at images of the Red Forest of Chernobyl) from where we can find abandoned, tied to a high-powered vibrator with gag so that her cries and moans … not be heard.
Heavy Rubber Máscara de látex con mordaza

Wearing a transparent catsuit gradient to white, white latex mask and red ropes. At the last minute I added a spotlight from above may be the lighting of the fence or perhaps a helicopter focus … I leave it to your imagination.

You can see this complete and illustration for $ 1 in ELENA PATREON DARKBERRY.


Rubber commission portrait mode

I loved making this commission, because is dedicated to the charming mistress we can see up into the pedestal.

Rubber commission illustration, catsuit fetish latex

The commission was showing in A4 size illustration my rubberized client kneeling beside a pedestal of La Rambla de Barcelona and on top of it, in sexy attitude also an elegant latex suit, his adored mistress .

Do you want a custom illustration? Ask for budget without predicament, or visit the prize web to see your commissions options.

March’s Girl sketch

Obviously, I can’t show you the same that my patrons will see, but you can make a picture of the finished version, and maybe you want to get into the patrons clubs if you like

, heavy rubber, gasmasks and very sexy girls.

March sketch heavy rubber fetish comic illustration

On March we see our girl cleaning the floor with highly toxic products, for that se whore a very tight latex catsuit, rubber gloves and boots. Also a gas mask connected with an oxygen bottle.

But, Can you intuit what is tied to the left leg?