You haven’t seen yet Dungeon, my first fetish porn comic?

Hey! But do you not know that already about a month ago I published my first comic? Has latex, has masks, has domination, and has sex do you have not yet convinced?

Dungeon covern porn comic bdsm fetish latex rubber

I’ll tell you a bit about the history: Mercury is a messenger of light (the good, of course) in a post-apocalyptic world where the air is polluted. It has been captured by The Shadows, because they know it takes a chip with security information that evil were waiting to destroy their main base.

Mercury travels with a latex suit, on which carries a light armor, since the outside air is terribly toxic, and even if you do not breathe, you colaría through their pores killing her in minutes.

Página del cómic Mazmorra, porno de látex y máscaras de gas

When he reaches the dungeon, only they have to look for the chip that takes over because why questioning, if only carrier of information? So his captors entertained looking at what part of your body is.

Página del cómic Mazmorra, porno de látex y máscaras de gas

You can download this comic in my online store in english, but is also available the spanish version.

Ganador de MrLatex2016

‘We have a winner of the contest fetishist MrLatex 2016 !! Many thanks to all participants, all photos were spectacular.

Here you can see your photo in the ad that I used in Instagram and love is bizarre, it is bdsm and especially is «heavy rubber».


In a few days, you can see the resulting illustration done from this photograph so cool all covered with rubber straps in about a week.