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Custom illustration.

Berry commission illustration comic shibari suspension

Finally finished another custom illustration for a Shibari lovers, I hope you like it as the couple who asked me the other, in a few days will have it at home.

And I want to remember that you can also order key rings Mobile, shirts and custom portraits. They may be thematic BDSM: bondage, domination, submission, fetishism … or not.

You can check commissions prices here.

And if the design is the same, I will make discount for packs of several articles What are you waiting for?

Berry in the Shibari class.

Mastering the art of Shibari is more than a few sailors knots know or do a hanging macrame pot (but using a person instead of a pot). The bondage is the danger that you’re using a person as a model, is no longer just know how much press, but where should not be passing the strings (there are quite obvious places such as the neck) and also the type of nodes that can be use (avoid slip knots that can strangle the area if you pull on them).

If one is not a little earlier reports, the consequences can be catastrophic.

Berry and the shibari class cartoon

And most importantly, when you practice any type of bondage (with strings, film, etc.), it is to ALWAYS have scissors handy.

Sex and saran wrap. A weird fetish cartoon.

When I saw Kathy Bates with a beautiful evening gown made of saran wrap, I did not understand it, I do not understand that her husband put a destructive rage and thought it was ridiculous because the poor woman had made a beautiful dress with flowers and ruffles and even a headdress and had gotten will not see one centimeter of meat under the film. I was very young when I saw Fried Green Tomatoes first for the first time.

As an adult, in my practice as hobby cooker I heated saran wrap because it never sticked where I wanted or cutted by I wanted. It always get sticked to me or where it pleased. My teammate can attest it.

Berry and the saran Wrap

Later, knowing other bondage practices, I started to catch the meaning. The saran wrap is cheaper than the ropes, it is much easier to use (if it does not roll no danger of cutting off circulation, although we must avoid using it in the face, but you do holes), and as is clear you can leave the skin in sight, apart from that is an insulator (like latex), but if used in moderation can be a very good alternative in summer (with a little creativity as Kathy Bates you can do very suggestive underwear ). But it has always reminded me of … well, you will see it on the strip.

Sexy selfie at the bathroom

 Berry selfie cartoon sexy cute comic


You have to see how awful I find the autofotos in the bathroom with the reflection of the mirror over the sink. Perhaps initially they were something original (for what many photographers make shots and self-portrait), but if we add the quality of a mobile camera, the lighting in the bathrooms, the tiling outmoded and other accessories… why did you shoot at the bathroom echo a fox?

Do some real examples?

Details of these pictures that horrified me:

1. bras hanging from the shower.

2. The dirty clothes before showering above the sink.

3. The fund grandmother catching «red-handed» … and more.

Do you know more?