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Ganador de MrLatex2016

‘We have a winner of the contest fetishist MrLatex 2016 !! Many thanks to all participants, all photos were spectacular.

Here you can see your photo in the ad that I used in Instagram and love is bizarre, it is bdsm and especially is «heavy rubber».


In a few days, you can see the resulting illustration done from this photograph so cool all covered with rubber straps in about a week.



Retratos fetichistas Heavy Rubber en Erostreet

A last minute call me Fosk (latex cultural association in Spain), because they had lost their partner and if I could send them some pictures.

Runs up, down, thanks (thanks, thanks for having me !!), I ended up sending two of my favorite portraits, which I also believe they represent more the theme of my artwork, a girl and a boy with gas masks full enclosured, very fetish and sexy.

Gasmask fire ilustración Gasmask frost chico illustration

I would gladly attend the Festival Erostreet and what I’ve seen people passed it great because ‘what was my surprise !! I found this photo on Fetlife, at the stand of Fosk with my doodles background.

Gasmask fire y frost en Erostreet Festival

Certainly next year I will not be able to miss it. Maybe I could go to promote my comics.

Participate in the creation of a fetish film

There are not many films about science fiction fetishist, Matthias Von Braun is doing his best to make his first feature film with our help. Will you join?

A few days ago, a Fetlife contact sent me an interesting message with a link to a page that showed me the project is developing. «I thought you might be ineresad to know that I’m making a  fetish science fiction movie called Post-Human fetish Perversions» Well of course I’m interested !! In fact I am also working on a science fiction project fetish, so I love the idea.

It could explain how it will go better the movie but will quote the source:

«Post-Human Perversions is set in a post apocalyptic underworld inhabited only by Synthetic Androids and Organic Biomechanoids. They are cursed with human sexuality and share our capacity for Love and Depravity in equal measure. »


With the participation of the best european fetish actors and burlesque artists:

In addition, supporting this project so cool you’ll get a preview option on DVD, and even attend the premiere in London as your support.

Here you have the promo video of the film.




Custom made gasmasks!!

I will amazed at page I just found out about gas masks shaped like animals, are truly amazing.

Although I personally am not the biggest fan of animal costumes, these masks are a piece of art. Personalized design, mixing heads of animals with the feeling of wearing a gas mask and also the details chosen by custom have engaged me.



This is one of the models that have made custom that I really liked, details of science fiction seem the perfect contrast until you can choose the color of glass lenses. The following is very original, with light too!!

If you want to see how they work also have a video on Youtube so you can see how cool you are while moving, and how nice they are with latex or leather:

Are you urge to ask for any? I’m already thinking about some very very twisted designs …




New toy for the gasmask.

I do not usually buy on eBay, because I have become accustomed to certain kinky brands that have worked well for me and are high quality and trustivity, but I saw the pileup and I thought it has good prize.

The shipment was pretty quick and the attention from the eBay seller has been very good.

As you can see in the photo and in the picture, consists of a bottle in which gets water and you can put in some essence (I bought the eucalyptus, but there are plenty of choices), an air reservoir (the black thing with bellows that seems to rise and fall but does nothing), two tubes and a bag (which I thought would swell and let down but may not know how to use) you can connect all your gas mask or a T to connect two.


Berry latex fetish gasmask inhaler breathplay cartoon illustration

The feeling is very relaxing, especially because with each inhalation strong bubbling water is heard, but limited a little breathing (but leaves you breathing) if you do not get nervous is a highly recommended experience. Highly recommended for those of you who like the «breathplay».

Berry buys her latex at Simon O

It is not the first time I bought clothes in Simon O, in fact I have a made to measure catsuit too cool, but this time I ordered an item that was not on the web and was very happy as well as for the help in choosing the pledge, ease of payment, shipping (if it takes much, but on the web notified on time and it is normal that it takes on a pledge made to order) and in the final garments.

I saw on their website one shorts that could be with zipper, but I wanted it with condoms (as he had seen panties on the same site), so I asked and they said they could make it.

As you see in the picture I was happy with the shorts (which already are super cool either without the condom) but under the catsuit are perfect because with proper gloves and mask looks like you’re made of rubber.

Berry at Simon O

At Lajugueteria, probably the coolest store at Madrid.

Coincidences of life, this weekend I had to go to Madrid and coincided with the fourth birthday Madrubb, who made a parade and party with cool things they usually do in a shop did not know until now: lajugueterí


Too bad I could not stay long or gossip or see the runway Madrubb did, but I got to know the lovely owners who gift me with a very cool kinky kit that I will discuss when ever tasted.

But so will I advance that, as you see in the picture, is not the typical dark and gloomy old sex shop site, the current environment invites the question without being guilty of anything (really, there are shops where to enter and you feel perverted or something), and from what I saw with top brand toys and much variety as can be found in an online store.

Furthermore, by its location he invites you to take a beer and then visit the store … or vice versa. You do not miss the hype.

50 dangerous shadows.

I could not pass from Chapter Two. I was warned and I expected the worst, and I think you always have to find something to criticize, but I could not get to read a hundred pages (and I’ve seen Glitter, my masochism level is high).

So my opinion does not matter, but that of many people who have read it and thought it was poorly written (which is already a crime), which described relations BDSM not reflect reality, which can be dangerous, but the worst is the personal relationship between the two protagonists.

I was reading a few pages of whining self-defeating Anastasia and I’ve had enough … with this profile need a good psychologist, not a sadist who is worse than you. But if you want to read objective, well documented and contrasting opinions, I leave the link to the blog GOLFXSCONPRINCIPIOS, which discussed a study that has been done in Ohio about it, and not delving into BDSM, but in the abusive relationship between the protagonists.


If it was not because I would have read the book, presented to Berry Anastasia, and see what happens. Although in no time I will not have to work harder to be two hours watching TV … denying that the February 14 movie premieres. And, although you interested in the subject of Gray, really Take a look at the blog because there are plenty of tips for you if you are starting … or not, because you can always learn something new.

As always, healthy, safe and consensual.

Berry in Alicante BDSM.


It is spreading like a virus. This week, friends of Alicante BDSM have posted one of my strips, I’m very happy to have a bit of me in her blog because they are countrymen, and also published the «Journal of BDSM» a magazine that collects information and experiences «bedesemeros «from Spain and Latin America. I recommend you to take a look at their website, there are highly recommended posts.

Here you have the link to the publication of my strip.