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"Nerdy" sexy pin-up, informatic thecnician.

Total for years that he wanted to dedicate something kinky to all my computer friends (heterosexual) drawing, because I think it has not yet exploited the sexapeal of a technician who repairs computers. Why a worker is sexy, and not someone who sometimes has to get under a table, knees to reach the outlet and also has the intelligence sexapeal?

Anyway, thank you very much to everyone who made it possible for me not to exploit the computer, and have a fairly decent web 🙂

Pin up nerdy geek shirt

By the way you can buy a t-shirt with this design on this link!

Or ask for a custom design HERE.

Shirt Pin-up soldier in latex.

Determined and over, by popular vote I’ve chosen the design with black catsuit putting a city at background that, by color, could be on fire, or being bombarded … or something.

shirtpin up soldier latex rubber catsuit gasmask

Normally I don’t like much military jazz, but I love the original pin ups, both housewives plundered in impish pose, such as those used in the military as propaganda or to decorate airplanes.

As shirt looks great with any background color. If the store does not appear in the option you want, you can send an email to


Military pin up. Colour test.

Making a t-shirt design before starting the background, I need to choose between a more fetishistic dark classic style, or. And I have a problem because I like them both.

He still has some work (although there are areas such as belt, gold and knife may leave it up), and I do not want to wear anything without having it work in one course.
Soldier military pin up soldier colour

Although you can also choose the color you like most for the design of your shirt.

Store new categories.

Taking advantage of the summer to cool things I’ve added two new categories in the online store: Hanging Mobile and T-shirts.

MOBILE PENDANTS: with the same designs for keychains, you can also buy small pendants (in tiny they are so cute) 3 cm height. And, besides hang in mobile, can be used to customize your purse, a small detail in the keys (if keychains seem too big) … In addition, I added new designs: a French maid, a guy gumming, and soon a berry very bizarre and sexy.

But the big news in the online store are new designs for T-shirts:

SHIRTS: New designs of kinkys themes that we like, latex, bdsm, fetishes and more fun filias. Not just for fetish parties.

Heavy rubber shirt gasmask pisspant latex boots and gloves

Berry dressed for whatever comes, will the apocalypse? Will be for a  Heavy Rubber session? In any case it will be fun. You can choose this unisex model in a variety of sizes, and the soft color you like.

Buy shibari master shirt, bondage cute

Or do you like strings? For boys and girls (sexy model with racer back tees) lovers of the traditional method of Japanese bondage, this is the perfect shirt.

Clearly not Catwoman is a dominatrix clad in latex with a dangerous whip in his hands do not you ever noticed? Shirts for tough girls … or love.

catwoman sexy catsuit latex rubber


And remember that the online store you can buy all items with prices include shipping, for the European Union.