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Sci-fi BDSM illustration, restrictive tank.

Yesterday a friend sent me a «look what I found on Tumblr» link. Da thrilled to see that there are people who like your work and shares, and also I’m not the only one who likes bdsm futuristic illustrations, latex and sensory restrictions.

Tanque de agua latex ilustración

Here you can, in addition to the complete illustration, see some of the detail of the drawing. Where the pen can be seen, in addition to colored with Photoshop.

And here the comment so cool that put me on the web:

«A guest at the Ministry of Improvements receives the best bio-engineering Torei can provide. Who knows what body modifications will be revealed when she comes out of the tank?»


Berry in Alicante BDSM.


It is spreading like a virus. This week, friends of Alicante BDSM have posted one of my strips, I’m very happy to have a bit of me in her blog because they are countrymen, and also published the «Journal of BDSM» a magazine that collects information and experiences «bedesemeros «from Spain and Latin America. I recommend you to take a look at their website, there are highly recommended posts.

Here you have the link to the publication of my strip.