Pinup Heavy Rubber Mayo

The heavy rubber illustration of May is now available for download at Patreon. If you are a sponsor of the «Lords and Ladies» group or higher, you will have received your password, and if you are not yet, you are on time to receive this complete and uncensored illustration.

Thanks to my dear sponsors, every month I publish an erotic or pornographic illustration of latex fetish, sometimes heavier, sometimes more sensual, or more bizarre, or more geeky, but always with large amounts of gum.
This month, our girl has totally isolated herself with her catsuit, wading boots and gas mask to thoroughly clean the bathroom while you enjoy … I think you’d better watch it for yourselves.Heavy Rubber fetishist illustration of latex, Sexual content.
The heavy rubber girl of May porn illustration

In addition, if you join the most fetishist latex patron club you will receive a page of the Bizarre Rubber Tales comic every month, you will see the previous pages in black and white, you will get a discount on the web and you will know about the news , Exclusive promotions, you can participate in surveys …


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