Rubberland Carnival: The kissing booth.

Welcome once again to Rubberland !! The country in which it is mandatory to wear a latex garment, where all rubber fetishists can give free rein to their craziest fantasies. This season Carnival is celebrated, and on this trip I invite you to participate in the kissing stand.

rubberland kissing booth nsfw bdsm fetish rubber latex illustration

If you approach the post you will see a long line of men and women to receive but to give a kiss to the rubber slave who is well attached to the post. For only a dollar you can give our little submissive a kiss as long as you want, in the place you prefer … but only one, even if you get to run you’ll get a free kiss !! How many kisses can you give her for only one dollar? Check the record at the box office.

If you’re in the queue you see the fetishists who are in front of you in the queue: there is a gang of girls dressed in sexy short dresses in bright colors latex, but also dominatrix dressed from top to bottom with black latex holding their submissive with straps, bright puppies and kittens that are already licking.

After enjoying a long, wet and tasty kiss, you can get a sign announcing the post in old and modern version in Patreon: click here to download, in it you can see what is low in the image … where do you prefer to kiss?

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