Rubberland Carnival: The kissing booth.

Welcome once again to Rubberland !! The country in which it is mandatory to wear a latex garment, where all rubber fetishists can give free rein to their craziest fantasies. This season Carnival is celebrated, and on this trip I invite you to participate in the kissing stand.

rubberland kissing booth nsfw bdsm fetish rubber latex illustration

If you approach the post you will see a long line of men and women to receive but to give a kiss to the rubber slave who is well attached to the post. For only a dollar you can give our little submissive a kiss as long as you want, in the place you prefer … but only one, even if you get to run you’ll get a free kiss !! How many kisses can you give her for only one dollar? Check the record at the box office.

If you’re in the queue you see the fetishists who are in front of you in the queue: there is a gang of girls dressed in sexy short dresses in bright colors latex, but also dominatrix dressed from top to bottom with black latex holding their submissive with straps, bright puppies and kittens that are already licking.

After enjoying a long, wet and tasty kiss, you can get a sign announcing the post in old and modern version in Patreon: click here to download, in it you can see what is low in the image … where do you prefer to kiss?

Bizarre Rubber Tales, first chapter

The first full chapter of Bizarre Rubber Tales is now available online or in Patreon! A short but intense latex fetish porn story for your enjoyment, full color.

Bizarre Rubber Tales comic cover

Join our girl, who just got her first latex catsuit and is so excited that she can not wait to wear it. You will see bullet to bullet how to undress, lubricate, put on the latex suit and all the necessary accessories for a great session of rubber and breathplay.

Bizarre Rubber Tales downlad complete comic color

Enjoy with her toys to the ecstasy in her fetishistic enjoyment of latex and gas mask.Bizarre Rubber Tales, latex fetish gas mask porn comic

Do you want your copy of the first chapter of the comic Bizarre Rubber Tales? You can download it now from, is available in Spanish and English.

Or, if you want to follow the story, you can be my sponsor in PATREON and get in addition to the first full chapter, first fruits on the second chapter, very sexy illustrations with a lot of latex from 1 $ (black and white).

A joint project of Gomacv (drawing) and Elena DarkBerry (script, ink and color).

Pinup Heavy Rubber Mayo

The heavy rubber illustration of May is now available for download at Patreon. If you are a sponsor of the «Lords and Ladies» group or higher, you will have received your password, and if you are not yet, you are on time to receive this complete and uncensored illustration.

Thanks to my dear sponsors, every month I publish an erotic or pornographic illustration of latex fetish, sometimes heavier, sometimes more sensual, or more bizarre, or more geeky, but always with large amounts of gum.
This month, our girl has totally isolated herself with her catsuit, wading boots and gas mask to thoroughly clean the bathroom while you enjoy … I think you’d better watch it for yourselves.Heavy Rubber fetishist illustration of latex, Sexual content.
The heavy rubber girl of May porn illustration

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You haven’t seen yet Dungeon, my first fetish porn comic?

Hey! But do you not know that already about a month ago I published my first comic? Has latex, has masks, has domination, and has sex do you have not yet convinced?

Dungeon covern porn comic bdsm fetish latex rubber

I’ll tell you a bit about the history: Mercury is a messenger of light (the good, of course) in a post-apocalyptic world where the air is polluted. It has been captured by The Shadows, because they know it takes a chip with security information that evil were waiting to destroy their main base.

Mercury travels with a latex suit, on which carries a light armor, since the outside air is terribly toxic, and even if you do not breathe, you colaría through their pores killing her in minutes.

Página del cómic Mazmorra, porno de látex y máscaras de gas

When he reaches the dungeon, only they have to look for the chip that takes over because why questioning, if only carrier of information? So his captors entertained looking at what part of your body is.

Página del cómic Mazmorra, porno de látex y máscaras de gas

You can download this comic in my online store in english, but is also available the spanish version.

MrLatex2016 illustration

Finally finished illustration for MrLatex2016 contest winner.


I have done with the technique I use for portraits, which involves making a drawing pencil chiaroscuro first, and later coloring with Photoshop, adding more depth to the shadows and color latex. Since I really like how the latex, even black, reflecting the color of the light that hits it.

Heavy rubber dibujo a lápiz, latex fetichista encargo comprar

Once the drawing is completed in a very warm color scale, I thought some fun and color the purple catsuit. It is the least liked option, but is not it more appealing?

Heavy Rubber latex ilustracion

Wich is your favourite?

Commissions are closed for a good reason

With great enthusiasm I am finishing the fetish science fiction comic I started a lot of time ago, so until I finish I can not accept custom orders. Here you can see some comic sketches for characters and pages, so that they give you an idea of what it will be the argument.

Mercury is the messenger in a post-apocalyptic world trapped by shadows in a dungeon, brings hidden a micro chip (or mini-SD card) with valuable information from your faction. Soldiers Shadows entretain looking where Mercury saved data.

April’s Rubber Pin-Up

Until May 7, you can see (just $ 1) this illustration heavy rubber, with some BDSM (bondage with ropes) in a somewhat post-apocalyptic scenario.

In the middle of spring, as the saying goes, it’s raining so it has not rained all winter. Not seen in the sketch, but the main theme of illustration is the rain, missing water droplets and transparent raincoat that I added later (in the first plane is the hood).


After deciding on the issue of the rain I imagined a scenario in which falling fallout in the sketch is guessed in the distance a destroyed nuclear plant and our girl is tied to the fence that separates the forest (I was looking at images of the Red Forest of Chernobyl) from where we can find abandoned, tied to a high-powered vibrator with gag so that her cries and moans … not be heard.
Heavy Rubber Máscara de látex con mordaza

Wearing a transparent catsuit gradient to white, white latex mask and red ropes. At the last minute I added a spotlight from above may be the lighting of the fence or perhaps a helicopter focus … I leave it to your imagination.

You can see this complete and illustration for $ 1 in ELENA PATREON DARKBERRY.


Rubber commission portrait mode

I loved making this commission, because is dedicated to the charming mistress we can see up into the pedestal.

Rubber commission illustration, catsuit fetish latex

The commission was showing in A4 size illustration my rubberized client kneeling beside a pedestal of La Rambla de Barcelona and on top of it, in sexy attitude also an elegant latex suit, his adored mistress .

Do you want a custom illustration? Ask for budget without predicament, or visit the prize web to see your commissions options.

March’s Girl sketch

Obviously, I can’t show you the same that my patrons will see, but you can make a picture of the finished version, and maybe you want to get into the patrons clubs if you like

, heavy rubber, gasmasks and very sexy girls.

March sketch heavy rubber fetish comic illustration

On March we see our girl cleaning the floor with highly toxic products, for that se whore a very tight latex catsuit, rubber gloves and boots. Also a gas mask connected with an oxygen bottle.

But, Can you intuit what is tied to the left leg?