Wellcome to Rubberland

Do you imagine a whole country in which you have to wear latex by law? A theme park where you can live your daily life in latex at a perpetual fetishist party, or have the best vacation of your life fulfilling your most adventurous fantasies, this is Rubberland.

Come to visit!!

In Rubberland you will find, besides specialized shops, clubs with a lot of events all year round, restaurants, spas and sports activities of all kinds: from diving to skiing.

Come to live in Rubberland!!

In Rubberland you will always be welcome, you can work for us in a public service: police, firemen, health, … or any of our factories, shops, bars, casinos … you will be very happy
Enjoy the year-round sensation of latex on your skin while you shop, go to the movies, or walk your pet.

Rubberland is a small country in which all latex fetishists are more than welcome, their laws may seem peculiar but they are thought for the maximum enjoyment for all its inhabitants and visitors. Admission to the country is prohibited to minors under 18 so you can have sex with whom and where you want, there is even a special police force that will join the party, instead of stopping.

The only problem of Rubberland is that it does not exist in reality, it is being built in my head little by little, and filling with inhabitants and visitors, with their stories. I hope some of them will see the light one day, for now you can see in Patreon some illustrations based on Rubberland.

Porn sketch fetish bdsm rubber latex illustration

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